Glycol Freezer 1200 Ltr


  • Body= pre-coated
  • Top= stainless steel
  • No of doors= 4
  • Partition= Yes
  • Compressor= reciprocating
  • Warranty on compressor= 1 year
  • Warranty on machine= 1 year


Glycol freezer 1200 ltr is designed for long storage of material. It cools down the material to a low temperature to avoid the formation of micro-organism. With the charging of just 8 to 10 hrs, it is capable of providing the backup of up to 16 hrs. The lower body is made up of a pre-coated sheet. The upper body, as well as the doors, are made up of stainless steel. We provide four partition chambers. You can now separate your items and store them in different chambers.  Glycol freezer 1200 ltr is capable of freezing all kinds of material like non-veg, fast foods, ice-creams, etc. Thus, it can be your best friend if you need a large storage deep freezer to store your items.

Technical Details

Storage Capacity
In litre / CFT / Gallons
1200 Ltr / 42.8 / 218
Usage Ice Cream, Non-veg, Frozen Food
Temp. Range – 18 to  – 30-degree celsius
Power Consumption(Watts) 1300
Current (Amp) 6.5
Appliance Size (mm) 950 (H) x 2600 (W) x 720 (D)
Doors (On Top) 4 in SS
Refrigerant (Gas used) 404
Stabilizer Required 4 KW


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