Glycol Freezer 200 Ltr




Glycol deep freezer 200 ltr is the most compact model to suit your freezing needs. This deep freezer 200 ltr working is very simple and cooling is super effective to provide you the best cooling possible. This model is suitable for the freezer on wheels as well as for the retail outlets. Deep freezer 200 ltr can be carried on-road easily in carts or in e-rickshaw etc. This makes your ice cream easily accessible to your customers. Hence, this could increase your sale.

The inner and outer tank of the body is made with the pre-coated sheet. The top and the doors of this glycol deep freezer 300 ltr are made with the best quality stainless steel. This makes the machine sturdy for rough usage. The machine is installed with a sturdy compressor to give you the best performance even in the most humid temperatures. With the proper charging of 8 to 10 hrs, it gives you a backup of 10 to 16 hrs or more.

Technical Specifications

Storage Capacity
In litre / CFT / Gallons
200 Ltr / 7/ 36
Usage Ice Cream, Non-veg, Frozen Food
Temp. Range minus 18 to  minus 30-degree celsius
Power Consumption(Watts) 340
Current (Amp) 2.1
Appliance Size (mm) 860 (H) x 1035(W) x 640 (D)
Doors (On Top) 2 in SS
Refrigerant (Gas used) R-134a
Stabilizer Required 1 KW


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