Glycol Freezer 400 Ltr


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Glycol deep freezer 400 ltr is suitable for both the manufacturing industry as well as for the retail outlets. The machine has an outer body in the pre-coated sheet. The deep freezer 400 ltr on top of the machine and the doors are made from stainless steel. Thus, making the deep freezer very sturdy for use. For your convenience, we have provided three partition chambers in the glycol deep freezer 400 ltr. Now you can store different varieties in different chambers.

With the small amount of charging this machine of ours giving a long-lasting backup to keep your items frozen for longer. The deep freezer voltage is very less thus provides you energy saving. Hence, it saves money. All you need to do is supply the machine with proper electricity for sufficient charging. The deep freezer compressor that we use is very sturdy to give you the best performance even in the most humid temperatures as that of India.

Technical Details

Storage Capacity
In litre / CFT / Gallons
400 Ltr / 14.3 / 72
Usage Ice Cream, Non-veg, Frozen Food
Temp. Range minus 18 to  minus 30-degree celsius
Power Consumption(Watts) 350
Current (Amp) 2.2
Appliance Size (mm) 880 (H) x 1740 (W) x 640 (D)
Doors (On Top) 3 in SS
Refrigerant (Gas used) 404
Stabilizer Required 1 KW


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