Water cooler PSS(120 Ltr)


  • Front and back panel: Stainless steel
  • Left/ Right panel and top: Pre-coated sheet
  • Inner tank material: Stainless steel
  • No of taps: 2
  • No of tray: 1
  • Compressor: Reciprocating
  • Warranty on the compressor: 1 year
  • Warranty on the machine: 1 year



This drinking water cooler dispenser has the capacity of providing 60 ltr cold water in one hour. Birla Aircon water cooler 120 ltr is fully automatic. Which means the tank will fill in automatically if you pour water out from the taps. We use the best in the market thermostat in all our water coolers. This makes the user control the cooling temperature as per your needs. The water cooler tank is coiled with copper coils. Thus, making the water cooler repair very easily. Our water coolers are fully repairable even after many years of usage. We use food-grade stainless steel in the inner water cooler tank which makes it safe to store consumable liquid. The water taps and inlet, outlets have an inner brass fitting for sturdy and long usage purposes. Birla Aircon water cooler 120 ltr size is compact. This makes it suitable for office use, for school usage, on roads, etc. We only use reciprocating compressors for providing the best cooling even in most humid  Indian temperatures.

Technical details

Storage Capacity 120 Ltrs
Cooling capacity 60 Ltrs
Glasses 300 per/hr
Dimension (mm) 1150 (mm) x 725 (mm) x 575 (mm)
Stabilizer required 2 KW
Watt 875


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