Brine Tank

If you are looking for a machine that could manifold your ice cream production, then this is the right machine for you. Ice candy making machine makes ice cream really fast as it freezes ice cream in minutes. Birla Aircon ice candy making machine is available in various sizes.The models vary in mould storage capacity like 2 mould machine, or 4 mould, or 8 mould, etc. This ice lolly machine freezes ice cream using the compressor technology as well as the liquid chemical. We manufacture brine tank with single compressor and also with double compressor as per customer’s demand. The liquid chemical like brine water, calcium powder, etc are used to transfer the cooling faster to the ice cream liquid filled in moulds. Motor rotates the liquid at a faster speed which then transfers cooling to the ice cream resulting in super fast cooling. So now you can complete last minute orders with this ice candy machine of ours.  

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