Mawa Machine

Looking for the best dairy or restaurant solution for daily business use? You are at the right place. Birla Aircon mawa making machine solves various purpose. Dairy owners usually suffers the of milk burning due to employees carelessness. Here is the solution to this problem, this machine will churn the milk regularly so that you milk din’t  get burned. Mawa machine is widely used in India and abroad for the purpose of making mawa. This resolves the problem of continuously churning as well as speeds up the process so that you can get pure mawa faster which can also be used in various other items. Mawa machines can also be used in making ghee, butter,etc. We manufacture various models of  machine for mawa like the ones which operates on steam, the diesel operated mawa machine and the one that works by using lpg or cng gas. You can choose the model as per your convenience. So why are you still using the old slow process, just upgrade with our mawa machine and speed us your sales.

Mawa Machine Various Usage

Mawa Making

This semiautomatic machine is widely used in making purified mawa without the need of manual churning process.

Ghee Making

This multipurpose also serves the purpose of making ghee from butter with automatic churning. Thus is faster and efficient way of making ghee.

Milk Boiling

For faster milk boiling this is used in various dairies as well with dessert/sweet dish manufacturer.


Our machines are also being used in making pure ghee by the dairy owners.It’s also being used in restaurant for making pure desi ghee to be used in cooking food.

Technical Specification

Lpg Mawa Machine

Steam Mawa Machine

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