Glycol Deep Freezer

Glycol deep freezer are one stop solution for frozen items as well as for ice-creams. Instead of battery we have filled the cooling liquid in between the two inner tanks. This liquid when charged gives you the backup of 10 to 14 hrs. The stainless steel top is capable to handle rough machine usage. We use the best in market compressors to provide you the best cooling experience ever. Our deep freezer have zero vibration and are noiseless. We provide wide range of freezers. Whether you run a shop or a manufacturer of ice cream, we have freezer for you all.So now you can sell you products comfortably and can also save electricity. Now you can choose the ones as per your needs.

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Glycol Deep Freezer 110 Ltr

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Glycol Deep Freezer 200 Ltr

glycol freezer 300 ltr

Glycol Deep Freezer 300 Ltr

glycol freezer 400 ltr

Glycol Deep Freezer 400 Ltr

glycol freezer 600 ltr

Glycol Deep Freezer 600 Ltr

glycol freezer 800 ltr

Glycol Deep Freezer 800 Ltr

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Glycol Deep Freezer 1000 Ltr

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Glycol Deep Freezer 1200 Ltr

freezer for tata ace

Glycol Deep Freezer 1200 Ltr For Tata Ace

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