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What is the importance of a bulk milk cooler?

What is the importance of a bulk milk cooler?

If I tell you that there is a machine that can store raw milk maintaining its nutrients? If I tell you that now you can transport milk easily without it getting spoiled? Yes, this is all possible now with a bulk milk cooler.

We have seen a remarkable revolution in the milk industry, especially in rural areas. With technological advancement, the dairy farmers have started earning much more than they used to before. The advancement has benefitted retailers as well.

Milking is normally done twice a day. Everyone prefers to have pure milk just after the milking is done. For this, the delivery of milk should be very fast to avoid the formation of bacteria. The late delivery will result in milk souring and hence loss to both dairy farmers as well as retailers.

Before technological development, milk cans were used to transport milk here and there. The milk should reach at max by 8:30 am to the retailers so that they can deliver it to the consumers. For this, the farmers should start delivering starting by 6 am. For this, they had to start the milking one or two hours prior to the delivery schedule. This sometimes creates a shortage of cows and buffalos giving milk due to huge consumption demands. The farmers also have the risk of milk getting spoiled faster. The milk cans were not cold enough to preserve the milk so had the possibility of milk getting spoiled in transportation.

So an Idea came into mind to cool the milk at dairy farms and lower the temperature to 4 degrees Celsius and then transport it to different areas. This gave birth to bulk milk chillers.

How the milk cooling tank is significant?

Milk consumption has grown tremendously and the farmers and retailers have started earning more than before. They can now store the raw milk to maintain its hygiene using bulk milk coolers. The milk poured out when milking is done is at 35 degrees Celsius. It should be preserved to lower the milk temperature to 4 degrees Celsius. This is done by the bulk milk cooling tank.

Now you might be thinking of why only at 4 degrees Celsius?

Research has proved that when the milk is stored at 4 degrees Celsius it stills the chemical combination in the milk and avoids the formation of bacteria in it. If stored at 4 degrees Celsius for longer it can be easily transported from one place to another without getting spoiled.  Rapid milk chillers perform this function of bringing the milk from 35 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius. Aren’t these amazing guys?

About bulk milk chiller

Bulk milk chiller or cooler is a large storage tank that holds a huge volume of milk. This tank is attached to a cooling unit holding compressor and condenser. This helps in cooling the milk inside the storage tank. The bulk milk cooler for milk is attached to a microprocessor which performs the function of maintaining the temperature. The agitator attached to the storage tank performs the function of continuously rotating the milk. This is done to maintain the uniform state of milk all over.

These bulk milk cooling units are made in various shapes and storage sizes. Birla Aircon manufactures these in 125 ltr, 250 liters, 500 liters, 1000 liters, and more. These can be customized as per the consumer’s requirements. With the increasing demand for milk consumption, the bulk milk cooler for milk has become a piece of essential machinery in most of the dairy farms and industries.

Usage of bulk milk chiller

Bulk milk cooler is a piece of essential machinery in almost any industry that huge amount of milk as raw material or has the milk of business mainly. They are increasingly being installed in dairy farms all over the world to get the best quality of milk. These milk coolers are used and installed in milk collection centers to store the large quantity o milk before supplying further. They are also being installed in the milk processing plants to store the huge quantity of milk and protect it from getting spoiled before the milk is being finally processed.

Why buy the bulk milk cooler from Birla Aircon

Birla Aircon manufactures these bulk milk coolers using high quality and high-grade material. We have highly qualified and experienced staff to manufacture these machines. Since we are the manufacturers, we make machine size as the consumer requirements. These can be made in small sizes as well as for storing large quantities of milk. The bulk coolers that we manufacture are very accurate and thus can prevent the milk from getting spoiled and maintains the hygiene level. All of our machines are made using high-quality raw material that is sourced from exclusive vendors in the market.

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