It becomes easier to sell ice cream to customers if your carry it to their places and that too without any tension. Birla Aircon manufacture sturdy ice cream cart to carry the freezer on wheels.We manufacture carts in three models according to the distance you need to cover. The carts are made keeping in mind the comfort of rider. The brakes that we use are super strong and are easy to apply when needed. Customer can now buy the cart according to their need and budget 

Push Cart

Push cart are the ones with two side wheels and one supporter wheel in the front. It’s the best option if the vendor has to  carry the carts up-to 5 km distance from the manufacturing unit. These are also known as stationary carts if anyone wants to sell ice cream or frozen food at one particular place.

Technical Specifications

Tricycle Cart

Carts with two side wheels and one attached to the cycle is known as tricart. Here the freezer is placed on the front and vendor sits at the back pushing the cart with pedals. This model is generally used by the vendor carrying the carts up-to 10 km from the factory.

birla aircon

Technical Specifications

Pull Cart

These are the most selling carts. Pull cart are the ones with cycle in the front and freezer at the back. Due to the ease of carrying the freezer on roads these are the most preferred ones by the vendors. Due to easy control over the cart the vendor can cover more area thus making their product reach more and more customers.

Technical Specifications

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