Best and easy ways to keep your deep freezer organized.

Best and easy ways to keep your deep freezer organized.

Hey, do you know you can increase the life of your deep freezer as well as its performance by keeping it well organized? Yes, this is true. This will also result in better hygiene of yours. Keeping a freezer well organized saves a lot of time and also reduces the wastage of food.

Types of the deep freezer

Birla Aircon manufactures various varieties of freezers like:

  1. Deep freezer vertical
  2. Deep freezer horizontal
  3. Deep freezer single door
  4. Deep freezer double door
  5. Deep freezer glass top
  6. Vizi cooler (deep freezer for the cold drink)
  7. Deep freezer stainless steel, etc

It all depends upon the item you want to store and the amount of storage space you need. Let’s take it into a more detailed version. When you buy the deep freezer, there is a general question, how many watts is deep freezer? Well, that depends upon the usage and the maintenance of the freezer. If your freezer is well organized, you will spend less time when the freezer door is open. As you know when the door is open for a longer time the freezer cooling gets out of the door. Machinery will have to apply more pressure to adapt to the temperature you have set to the freezer. Thus, taking more power hence electricity resulting in a waste of money as well.

Keeping the fridge organized will also reduce wastage as the limited amount of amount in freezer= limited cooking. Hence, less wastage or no wastage at all.

Organizing the freezer is not a tough job if you keep the below simple things in mind. Let’s start organizing now:

1. Only the right food should be frozen.

deep freezer

Before organizing the freezer, you should know what item should be frozen. If you keep the fruits and moist vegetables to froze, all the water in them will freeze. Thus, spoiling them. All the vegetables will dry out as dead and won’t be suitable to consume afterward. Yogurt and other items should be cooled down not frozen to maintain their taste. You should freeze items like meat, packed frozen food, ice creams, etc.

2. Keep your food horizontally

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You should keep your food in the freezer horizontal. It would be better to pile on the food in the freezer and keep that organized. If you have bought a deep freezer for home or for office, it would be better to keep the regular using stuff on the top. Keep the least using stuff at the bottom so you could spend less time when the door is open.

3. Use containers/ packing

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Make use of containers that are almost to the size of the food you want to store. The more air around the food soils it. You can also use zip pouches. Just remove the extra air inside the pouch after you keep the food. Also, remember to close the pouch to preserve the food for longer.

4. Buy some organizers

If you have a lot to store than it will be difficult for you to search later. The better option is to buy organizers and store different items in different organizers. This will make it easier to pick out food whenever you want.

5. Avoid putting food that melts in the refrigerator door

Whether you own a freezer single door or freezer double door or any other freezer, doors are warmer than any other place of the deep freezer. It is better if you don’t keep items like butter, etc in the door of the freezer.

6. Put a label with the date on it

deep freezer

It is good to keep the label on the items with the date on it before storing it in the deep freezer fridge. This will help in organizing and will remind you of which food to consume before it goes off. Also, it will let you know if the food has gone rotten and is not good to eat. Thus, preventing you from getting ill.

7. Make inventory list

Keep a list of inventory you have in a deep freezer machine. Keep that near to the freezer. It would prefer you from searching unnecessarily for the items that are actually not there.

8. Color code your items

You can also keep the items inside the deep freezer or chest freezer color-coded. This could also help you in finding the items easier.

9. Keep the freezer clean

To keep the freezer machine cleaned defrost it at regular intervals. Don’t forget to check the food labels and dispose of any unwanted or expired item. Keep the condenser coils cleaned. Make sure you close all the containers and seal all the pouches properly. This would avoid splashing of liquid or any other food item inside the freezer.

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