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Convert retail space to a supermarket

Convert retail shop to supermarket

According to a study, converting a retail space into a supermarket can increase your industrial area and can give you more space to work. Such an idea was one a dream but due to industrial success, this is now possible into reality. If you have large retail space, then you can convert a few areas into the warehouse or supermarket with supermarket rack, a few into the manufacturing unit, a clean room, etc. This will reduce your transportation cost. Given below are some steps to do so:

1. Detailed discussion with the client

There are various types of racks manufactured in the market. We at Birla Aircon design racks customized as per the size and customer’s specifications. We manufacture both ms racks and ss racks. There are various types of racks like ms slotted angle racks, ms powder-coated racks, ms angle rack, wired racks, supermarket racks,etc. Discuss in detail with your customer about the type of rack they want to be installed in their retail space. Whether the ms rack for the shop is the ms shoe rack or ms grocery rack, etc. Or ask for the weight they want on each shelf. This will give you the idea before you actually visit their space.

2. See the layout of the location

Inspection of the layout is mandatory for satisfactory order completion. This will help you in the proper design of the ms rack size and ms rack shelf. Wrong designing of virtual designing may create problems. If you design the rack in the narrow passageway it will create a big issue later. Carrying the material and handling will be very difficult. Not only this it will also create problem to the person passing by through that passage. The proper layout will help in the efficient utilization of the space and thus proper execution of the task.

3. Verify the design with the customer

Create a 2D or 3D ms rack design of the layout with the ms racks installed in it. This will give the client an idea about how will his space look like. Discuss the design with the client and explain to him/her the details. Confirm the design with the client or see if any changes need to be made. Finalize the design and then go for cutting.

4. Go for manufacturing

Once the order and the layout have been finalized by the client, you can go for rack manufacturing. Customer confirmation gives you a green signal to go smoothly for the manufacturing process.

5. Decide the delivery option

See the location of delivery, whether the transport is easily accessible on that road or will it create a problem in moving transport. Accordingly, arrange for the vehicle and delivery of the material. 

6. Ready for installation

Once the material has been dispatched get your experts to install the racks. Have the layout in hand and arrange and install the racks as per the layout. After completing the work, ask the customer to recheck it. Your work is done.

Birla Aircon is the ms rack manufacturers in Meerut. We manufacture all kinds of racks. Not only this we get it customized as per your space and requirement. Select the shape and type of supermarket rack that you want from the large variety of racks we have. Finalize the order and leave the rest to us. We have highly qualified professionals that will design the best layout as per the space available to you. All our ss and ms racks are made from laser-cut machines for super accuracy and best fit. Our racks are fold-able. So they can be easily carried and installed even if you plan to change the location of the racks placed and want to redesign your interior. We also manufacture various types of display counters including sweet counters, cake counters, cash counters, etc. We also design the receptions and cash counters as well. They will be of very important use to you in the warehouse or shop or showroom that you are planning to run.

Not only this we also have various commercial refrigeration items and all types of ms and ss work is  done totally in-house. All the laser cutting jobs works are done as per the design given by the clients. Our factory is equipped with the latest technological tools and machinery and the infrastructure is such that it brings high accuracy in the products that we deliver. Our products have super durability to work even in the most humid temperatures as of India. For more information contact us, we will guide you with the best possible solution for your requirement. We will design the best machinery that will suit your needs at the most affordable prices made just for you.