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Best cooling solutions for your chilled beverages

Best cooling solution for your chilled beverages

Beverages are an essential part of our life. Whether its cold water at home during summers or drinks during parties or shakes as an evening refresher. According to a survey, the global beverage consumption in Africa is 4%, in Asia its 47.2%, in Australia its 0.8%, in East Europe its 7.9%, in Latin America 17.2%, in the Middle East and North Africa its 5%, in North America it’s 8.7% and in West Europe, it’s 9.2%. You all including me are aware of various varieties of beverages available in the market. But do you know that different beverages have different cooling temperatures at which they are served best? Want to know about the best beverage cooling solutions for your chilled beverages and their different cooling temperatures?

Get ready to explore the world of beverage cooling.

Let’s get to know about the best temperature at which various beverages are served. Starting with the basic, cold water is best for our body to hydrate it during summer when it is served at 16 degrees Celsius. Most premium lagers are served between 6 to 9 degrees Celsius. Quality ales are served between 7 to 11 degrees Celsius. Authentic Stouts are served as warm as 13 degrees Celsius.

Some high gravity beers are very lightly chilled at room temperature. Different milkshakes are served at different temperatures according to the ingredients being used in them. Sodas and cocktails are served at different temperatures.


If not the same freezers for different beverages, then what?

Don’t worry we have a solution to your needs. Birla Aircon is the best commercial refrigeration company that provides different solutions to different beverage needs. Whether the temperature is of 2 degrees Celsius or 10 degrees or 20 degrees, we have a solution to all the requirements.

The cold drinking water is best at a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, so we have a water cooler and water chillers that can be adjusted according to your temperature needs. These cold water storage tanks are made with utmost care to provide you the best user-friendly experience. Our bottles less water cooler have no vibration and are installed with the best thermostat that helps you adjust the temperature according to your drinking need. The compressors that we install are capable of handling high heat to provide you cold water even during peak summers. 

The water chillers are efficient in supplying high capacity of cold water whether it’s for drinking purposes or machinery cooling. In large industries, the machines have to run continuously for longer duration without any break. This heats the parts which degrade the life of machinery. To avoid this there is a need to cool the machines while they are operating. For this need, we have a machine cooler/water chiller that continuously cools your machine and its parts even while in use.


Taste of drinks depends upon how they are handled before its being provided to the consumer.

Manufacturers of beverages need for cold storage to keep the huge manufactured stocks cooled before they are being sold to the suppliers. Birla Aircon manufactures cold room of various sizes according to customer’s space and need. We design a cold room providing different temperatures according to the requirement of the item that is to be stored.

More variety and visibility means more sales. The shop keepers or retailers need to display the products for attracting customers. For this, we have visi coolers or glass freezers that are used for various purposes. If you want to display cakes, then we have glass coolers or freezers that are manufactured with humidity controllers. Cake freezers need the humidity controller to maintain the freshness and softness for the better taste. We also manufacture rotating cake freezers with led lights to attract your customers.

You might have heard of plastic water dispensers for office or shop needs. But have you heard of stainless steel water dispenser? We manufacture steel dispensers that are sturdy for rough usage and ample cooling capacity that is far ahead to what you get with plastic dispensers.

As the alcoholic drinks have different cooling temperatures, we design chest freezers that are designed according to your temperature needs. Hard drinks need more cooling so the freezers for them are designed to go at very low temperatures to provide accurate serving temperature to your drinks. The temperatures for cooling soft drinks are different than the alcoholic drinks. So we design freezers for cold drinks which operate at the temperature of 2 to 10 degrees Celsius for chilling them.

We also manufacture vending machines for O-em and resellers to sell cold drinks, sodas or flavored drinks. The size and capacity of this semi-automatic soft drinks machine depend upon your consumption need.

You are of utmost importance to us

You are of the utmost importance to us. Just share the details about the product you will be using the machine for along with the cooling capacity needed by you. We’ll have the machine manufactured for you as per the details provided by you. Commercial refrigerator manufacturer in Meerut, Birla Aircon has a solution to all your cooling needs. We not only manufacture machines according to your demands but will also guide you with the machine usage if you are new to it. Stay in touch or read our blogs to get updated with the latest technology and trends to boost your sales.