You are currently viewing Now is the time for you to know about water cooler insides.

Now is the time for you to know about water cooler insides.

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Now is the time for you to know about water cooler insides

All of you might know that the easiest and convenient way of getting cold water is through water cooler. But, do you really know the story behind this, how this evolved, what is the process of cooling and best way of installation, etc.

Let’s take you to the knowledgeable ride. Wait, you don’t have to go anywhere for the ride, ill bring the water cooler insides here for you. Let’s get started.

The first water cooler was invented back in early 1906 and is credited to two men-Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws. Contaminated water caused typhoid fever in Haw’s father who died because of this. Therefore he decided to build a machine that could prevent the formation of bacteria in cold water.

They get to know that the faucets that they have provided water at room temperature which provide the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria to form. They thought of building a machine that could provide chilled water thus eliminating the microorganism formation in water. Therefore, preventing the formation of disease. This gave birth to the water cooler. The water cooler they invented uses ice sourced from the rivers to give chilled water.

Types of water cooler

  • Water fountain

Water fountain are also known as wall-mounted dispensers. They also have a short storage tank for the people to not wait for cold water.

The bottom-mounted refrigerators are build so that you can slide the bottle below and attach it then and there. This removes the difficulty of lifting and tilting the bottle at the top.

  • Tabletop water dispenser

They are small water dispensers that can be placed on the table or any slab.

  • The present water cooler
Birla Aircon

This is the recent water cooler machine that is most widely used in various places. The best part about this is it is automated. You just need to connect it with the overhead tank and your work is done. 

Water cooler insides

Generally, three types of water coolers are being widely used in the market. These are water cooler dispenser, steel water cooler and partial steel water cooler. The sturdiest one amongst them is the steel water cooler.

The water cooler is connected to the overhead water tank. The water cooler takes water from the overhead tank which then goes into the inner storage tank. The storage tank is made from food-grade steel that makes the water completely safe for drinking purposes.

The inner tank is cooled using refrigerant. The refrigerant runs inside the copper tube which is connected very close to the inner tank. The refrigerant changes from liquid to gas when it runs inside the copper pipes due to the pressure created by the water cooler compressor fitted inside the water cooler.

When the refrigerant is in gas form, it can absorb the heat away from the storage tank. Thus, making water inside the tank cooled and readily available for drinking purpose.  

The water cooler will automatically take water from the overhead tank if the water is dispensed from the taps. If the inner tank gets emptied then the machine will take some time to cool the water again.

Other versions of water cooler

Along with the above versions, there are some other versions also. There is a water cooler with Ro having the Ro being inbuilt in the water cooler itself. Water cooler hot and cold is also available with us. This model of water cooler has an element installed inside the water cooler to provide hot water also along with cold water.

Birla Aircon is a well-known water cooler manufacturer along with the other commercial refrigeration machinery. We have the widest range of water cooler available including water cooler for school, water cooler for office, water cooler for factory, etc. Whether you are from any industry or any amount of water consumption needs we have models for everyone. Related to water cooler cost, we have the most affordable price of water cooler along with the best technology and raw materials used.

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