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The big difference between water dispenser online and water cooler

The big difference between water dispenser and water cooler

People have become so observant about the quality and cleanliness of water they drink.  Drinking water cooler machines and water dispenser machines have become very popular in the market. They are filling the market gap, serving millions of people in the world.

The terms water cooler and water dispenser are used so interchangeably that people have started confusing them to be one and the same thing. Water dispenser cooler has become a must needed appliance in the home. It not only promotes water consumption at the office but also serves the same purpose at home as well. Water coolers are mostly used in commercial purpose but the small compact size is not also being demanded household purposes.

Before jumping into the decision of purchasing one, let’s analyze both the products in detail. This article will give a thorough detail of both the products. Let’s see the similarity and differences between the water cooling machine and water dispenser hot and cold.

The similarity between the water cooler and water dispenser

Both water dispensers and water cooler machines are mainly used for the purpose of getting the cold water for drinking purposes.

Water dispenser cold and hot and water cooler dispenser, work on the compressor cooling technology and also the process of cooling the water is almost similar.

Both water dispensers online and water cooler small can be used in commercial as well as household purposes.

These machines have the feature of controlling the temperature as per the drinking water need with the help of thermostat. Both have the storage tank to keep the cold water stored.

Differences between the water cooler and water dispenser

The water dispenser is of two types:

  • Water dispenser without a fridge
  • The water dispenser with fridge

Water coolers do not have a fridge facility in them they only have the storage tank to store the water-cooled for longer.

The water dispenser automatic or water dispenser online have the facility to provide hot, cold, and normal water in the same machine. Drinking water coolers are generally made to provide only cold water.

Dispensers are made of the plastic body which cannot last for very long. The water coolers are generally made either of stainless steel or pre-coated sheet.

Birla Aircon is the only company that manufactures water dispensers in the steel body. These provide the heating and cooling capacity for more than the normal plastic body water dispenser available in the market.

Water dispensers also have water purifiers inbuilt providing purified water that can behold, cold or normal depending on what you want to intake. Commercial water coolers are generally without a water purifier.

Some companies including Birla Aircon manufacture some models that are with an inbuilt Ro facility as well.

Plastic water dispensers generally have a cooling capacity of 6 ltr. The steel water dispenser that Birla Aircon manufactures has a capacity of 20 ltr per hour.