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All about the cold storage

All about the cold room

Have you ever considered a life without refrigeration? It’s nearly impossible to stay without the refrigeration. Some things around us would not have existed if refrigeration hasn’t been there with us. When we think of cooling any product, the first thing that comes to our mind is the refrigeration chamber or cold room. In this article, we will be telling you all about the cold room and how to choose the best one for your product. Let’s get started.

What is a cold room?

Firstly understand the cold room meaning before you learn more about the product. A cold room or cold storage is a room or a building that is made to operate at a temperature much below the outdoor environmental temperature. This temperature inside the chamber is artificially generated keeping in mind the suitable temperature needed by your product.

Generally the products that need refrigeration are fruits, vegetables, vaccines, cookies, seafood, meat, flowers, sweet dishes, etc.

At Birla Aircon, we make the cold room design as per the space available with our clients. The cold room temperature range provided by us is exactly as per the specification provided by the clients. We design the cold room panel as per the space measured. The cold room installation i.e. joining of the cold room doors is done at the client’s place in front of them. The compressor for the cold room used by us is the hermetic compressors. They have the power or strength to provide you awesome performance even in the most humid temperatures.

Cold Storage uses

Generally these are being used in almost every industry that needs refrigeration for their product. Let’s understand a few usages of the cold rooms.

1) Fruits and vegetables

Cold storage is being widely used by those that are running the business of fruits and vegetables. To keep them fresh and transporting them to longer distances, the cold room is a must for them. Some vegetables even need the cold room as they open ripen up under a particular temperature. We provide them this temperature inside the cold room.

2) Ice cream industry

Haven’t you heard that the lower the temperature provide to ice cream, the better it will taste? After manufacturing the ice cream they need to be kept at a very low temperature for tightening up and for enhancing their taste. Here comes the need of a cold room. Larger industries need large storage space for ice cream to be stored, thus cold room helps them in this. It not only stores a large quantity of ice cream but also freezes them at a very lower temperature.

3) Seafood and slaughtered meat

To keep the seafood or slaughtered meat fresh for longer they need to freeze at very low temperatures. This prevents bacteria formation and also preserves their current state. To achieve this cold room or cold storage for meat is used. This cold storage plant is made to freeze the meat instantly to keep it fresh. It also helps the businessmen to transport their non-veg stuff to longer distances without getting them spoiled.

4) Medicines/Vaccines

Scientific study has proven that the vaccines change their properties if they are not provided the proper temperature they need. And believe me that it could be very dangerous if those vaccines are given or injected in some human body. No one would want that to happen. To avoid this, the medicines distributors and manufacturers need cold room storage. It not only stores a large number of vaccines but also provide them with the proper temperature they need.

How is the cold room designed?

A cold room is designed mainly according to the space available with the client. According to space we decide the proper place to install the indoor and outdoor unit. This prevents the heating up of the compressor, thus avoiding compressor failure. If the compressor is working at its best, the cold room will work at its best. The location of the entrance door is also very important for you to work comfortably. Also some customers demand the see-through doors for them to look at the material being stored without opening the cold room door. All of this is decided as per the space available.

How to decide the cold room temperature?

The temperature at which the cold room will operate will depend upon the product that needs to store inside the cold room. Generally the frozen food, ice cream, etc are stored at the temperature below zero degrees. The general vegetables and fruits are stored at zero degrees and the tropical and subtropical fruits and vegetables are stored at the temperature between 5 to 13 degrees Celsius.

Features of cold room

These are the general features that need to there in cold storage:

  1. The design should be modular for easy carrying and installation.
  2.  Cold room panel size should be flexible.
  3.  It should maintain the optimal temperature.
  4.  The gasket installed should be of good quality for airtight sealing.
  5.  In some cold room there is a see-through door to have a look at your stuff without opening the cold room.

Things to be taken care while selecting the cold room

  • Knowledge of refrigeration technology being used.
  • Is the cold room using proper insulation.
  • The temperature range the cold room can maintain.
  • The storage space and the shelves in the cold room.
  • Will it is able to modify this cold room in the future if needed?
  • How much will be the maintenance cost and how often?

Birla Aircon is one of the best cold room manufacturers in India. We manufacture and design the cold room as per your requirements. We not only manufacture these but also provide the best after-sales service and that too at very affordable prices. For any further details of the same or to get the best price for the cold room, feel free to contact us.