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Where to buy the best deep freezer in India

Where to buy the best deep freezer in India

Many times people end up buying more items than their refrigerator can withhold. With the increasing variety and needs comes the demand for bigger freezing spaces. How about buying a deep freezer?

Are you looking to upgrade your freezing chamber which has been running 24*7 as you are always less with space to refrigerate the items? If yes than Birla Aircon deep freezer is the right machine for your needs.

The deep freezer has evolved enormously in the last few years with the continuously changing needs of the customers. Birla Aircon deep freezers are the best machines to meet the changing needs of the customers.

When it comes to buying machinery the design and finishing of the machinery are considered as the most significant features. Our deep freezer comes with the hardtop glass-like finishing that adds grace to your kitchen or your factory, etc. It also comes with benefits like energy saving which is also an important feature in any machinery. This saves electricity and money as well. Deep freezer brings the core of food to -18 degrees Celsius very faster thus keeping your food items fresh for longer.

There are mainly two types of deep freezers running in the market:

• Deep freezer (chest freezer) without backup

deep freezer in India

These are also known as the white body freezers. Birla Aircon deep freezers have the hardtop doors for better operation and longer life of the machinery.  These are dry freezers with puff insulation to maintain the inner temperature inside the machinery. This avoids the outer heat to hinder the cooling inside the freezer. Thus, keeping the inner items cooler even in the most humid outside temperatures.

• Glycol deep freezer

deep freezer in India


These are also known as backup freezers. Birla Aircon glycol deep freezers are not only the hardtop freezers but have stainless steel doors for much better performance. These machines have the food-grade glycol filled in between their tanks to provide the machines with the long-lasting backup. Birla Aircon deep freezer once charged can give you the backup of up to 16 hrs. General deep freezers give the temperature of -25 degrees Celsius but these deep freezers of ours are different. They give a temperature of -35 degrees Celsius or even more. The lower the temperature can go in a freezer the better it is for frozen food items as well as for ice creams.

Where to buy?

Not only deep freezer, but all the commercial refrigeration and heating machinery that we manufacture are also available in most of the cities in India. We have the dealer network spread in various cities in India as well as abroad. Not only this, but you can also buy our machinery online from our website Get the machines delivered directly to your doorsteps without any hustle. You can also contact us on the information mentioned at Feel free to place your queries and contact us with your requirements. We would be happy to help you with any of your commercial refrigeration and heating machinery needs. For other commercial refrigeration products and new updates go through our blogs at