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How to choose the right water cooler model

How to choose the right water cooler model

Come along and get to know to know about the commercial water cooler. With the summers right on its peak and the days getting longer and hotter, everyone prefers to be in cooler places. With the summer comes the greater chances of dehydration.

Dehydration does not occur only with the longer hours of not drinking water, it can also occur in a few minutes as well. Even as less as 2% of dehydration can affect your health severely. Although the human body is made with 70% of water, we shed it in urination, through sweating, and through other normal human activities.

Thus all of us need to drink water at regular intervals. Generally, people don’t drink water that much because either they don’t like its taste or the water is not clean. Here comes the need for a water cooler. Along with the clean and pure water, it gives cold water thus satisfying your thirst.

With the increasing heat and humidity comes the increasing need for the water cooler. But since you all know that there are various water cooler models available in the market, how will you choose the right one for you.

Let’s say you are running a trading shop and have a staff or clientage of fifty members. If you buy the bigger model of the water cooler, it will result in money wastage as your water consumption was not that large. If you buy the smaller model then it won’t fulfill your water consumption needs and thus will not serve you with cold water. As the water consumption is more than the machine cooling capacity, the machine will not serve the purpose of providing your cold water for what you have purchased the machinery.

In this article, we will be guiding you with all the details on how to select the best water cooler as per your requirements. After going through this article you will be able to choose the model by yourself as per your demand.

Let’s get started:

1. Water cooler 10 Ltr

water cooler

If you are running a small shop, or a doctor’s clinic or owns a small medical store, etc. Then, this model is suitably the best one for you. This is also known as a drinking water cooler for home. It serves the purpose of water dispenser at home and works far better than that. This drinking water cooler has a storage tank of 10 ltr and has the capacity of cooling 100 glasses of water per hour.

2. Water cooler 20 Ltr

water cooler

If you require a water cooler for the people or staff of around 30-40 people, then this model is suitable for you. This model of drinking water cooler has the storage and cooling capacity of 20 ltrs. Hence, it is capable of cooling 100 glasses of water per hour.

3. Water cooler 40 Ltr

water cooler

If you are running a medium-size medical store, or a primary school or similar size business to that, then this model is suitable for you. This drinking water cooler dispenser is suitable for 60-80 people. This drinking water cooler machine has a cooling capacity of 20 ltr per hour and a storage capacity of 40 ltr per hour. The machine provides 100 glasses of water per hour but cools the other 20 ltr of water at a faster pace.

4. Water cooler 80 ltr

water cooler

This is the best drinking water cooler for industrial use, for any school or college or for any factory. It is capable of satisfying the thirst of 100 to 150 people and up to 200 people in some places. Having the storage capacity of 80 ltr and cooling capacity of 40 ltr, this model is compact and very suitable for almost all the places even for public places as well.

5. Water cooler 120 ltr

water cooler

This electric drinking water cooler is mostly seen in public places, in the colleges, universities, and schools and also in various industries. Having the storage capacity of 120 ltr and the cooling capacity of 60 ltr, it satisfies the thirst of around 280 people by providing more than 300 glasses of chilled water per hour.

6. Water cooler 150 ltr

water cooler

This water cooler 150 ltr is also known as the water cooler industrial. It is suitable for installation in any school or college or for public places like parks, roads, etc. Having the storage capacity of 150 ltr along with the cooling capacity of 150 ltr, this model has the ability to satisfy the drinking water requirements of 700 to 715 people per hour. This commercial water cooler has the capacity of cooling around or more than 750 glasses of water per hour. 

7. Water cooler 300 ltr

This is the water cooler machine for schools or universities or places having a larger crowd. This drinking water cooler is generally installed in places like railways, large industries, universities, public places, etc. The water cooler 300 ltr has a storage capacity of 300 ltr and a cooling capacity of 300 ltr. With such a high cooling capacity, this machine has the ability to serve the drinking water needs of 1450 to 1480 people per hour.

8. Water cooler 600 ltr

This is the biggest model of water cooler available in the market. This model of water cooler is generally installed in very large universities or colleges or very big industries. Sometimes the outlets are connected to the water pipes lines going on different floors. Thus, it fulfills the water needs of all floors just by installing a single machine. The water cooler 600 ltr has a storage capacity of 600 ltr as well as the cooling capacity of 600 ltr. This model of our has the capacity to fulfill the drinking water needs of  2500 to 2900 people in an hour.

Birla Aircon is the only commercial refrigeration manufacturing company in India to manufacture such a wide range of water coolers. We manufacture these models in both the ranges that are full stainless steel and partial stainless steel. Not only these we also manufacture water cooler with filter, water cooler with purifier, water cooler with ro, etc. Along with these, we manufacture almost all kinds of commercial refrigeration machinery including the standardized as well as customized models.

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