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What is commercial refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration is of utmost importance to food producers. Not only to those it is also essential for those into the catering business. It maintains the quality of ingredients by providing them safe storage and optimal temperature. Thus, maintains their freshness and hence results in less wastage of food.

Keeping the food made and the ingredients fresh has been a difficult task for large restaurants and dining places. This is simply because of the large quantity of food that is to be manufactured each day.

The arrival of refrigeration has made it possible for homemakers and business owners to preserve the food for an extended period of time. Refrigeration has made it possible to maintain the freshness of food as well. Commercial refrigeration keeps both prepared food and raw ingredients fresh for longer.

Now you might be thinking about how that’s possible? Don’t worry, we’ll let you know.

It does this by removing the heat from food for convenience and safety purposes. Removal of heat from material has been made possible by various means.

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The law of refrigeration works on the second law of thermodynamics. It states that the heat continuously flows from a high-temperature object to a low temperature and not reverse until and unless an external force is applied to it. Refrigerator whether commercial or household applies an external force with the help of a compressor. Because of this external force, the heat flows from the cold surface to the hot surface which is then thrown out by the refrigerator.

What might be another problem?

Most people consider commercial refrigerators only as cold rooms. Not all restaurants have the large spaces to install cold rooms so they avoid it. Guys, only cold rooms don’t fall into the category of refrigeration that we are talking about, there is much more to that. Refrigeration machinery for commercial purposes comes in various sizes and is also customized as per the space availability. Thus, commercial refrigeration is a must for any size of business that is into food, medicines, etc.

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1. Why commercial refrigeration

Refrigeration machinery for commercial services is the best if you are running a food or medicine business. It’s a myth that commercial refrigeration is only for larger businesses but that’s not true.

These type of refrigerators comes in various shapes and sizes. They are a great space saver in any place and also have large storage space for items to keep them cool. Thus, you can save space and avoid keeping items here and there. So, the kitchen looks cleaner. Also, the items kept in it will have a longer life and will be saved from getting spoiled.

Due to large storage space now you can serve more number of customers and make more variety of food. If you are running a medicine business you can storage more variety of medicines and can serve more customers. Hence, you can earn more profit by serving more heads.

2. Benefits of commercial refrigeration

As you have read before that these types of machinery can preserve food and other consumable items for a longer duration of time. But how’s that possible?

When the item is kept in these refrigerators, they are taken to a very low temperature. These freezers cool them to a temperature as low that the formation of bacteria is prevented. Thus, the food kept in them stays as fresh as if it’s made today only. Therefore you can preserve the freshness, color, and taste of your material by keeping them in commercial freezers.

3. Difference between commercial and household freezer

All freezers are not the same. Although all are meant to cool the items kept in them they have different operational needs. Household freezers can cool and freeze your items for a shorter duration of time. These freezers have less storage space. Commercial freezers can take freeze your material to a much lower temperature. Thus, they can be preserved for longer as compared to the items kept in household freezers. 

4. Brief about the various type of refrigerators available in the market

There are a wide variety of commercial refrigerators manufactured in the market. Few are listed below:

  • Chest freezer
  • Deep Freezer
  • Under-counter freezer
  • Display counter
  • Vizi Cooler
  • Cold room

a. Chest Freezer

These are also known as white body freezers. They are generally found in small restaurants, medical shops, and dairy, etc. They keep the item cold and preserve them from rotting. They don’t have the long backup capacity to maintain the temperature. Hence, they need electricity almost all the time.

b. Deep freezer

They are similar to the chest freezer. Some have the doors stainless while others have GI doors like those of the chest freezer. They can preserve your food for longer as they provide very low temperatures to freeze the item. Hence, preserving the freshness for longer. They have a backup of 10 to 16 hrs. So they also electricity efficient.

c. Under-counter freezer

They are generally used in bars and restaurants. They provide a lot of convenience to the person operating the counter. Whether it’s making food using the ingredients stored in the freezer, or it’s serving the drinks to the customer. Under-counter has been very helpful in serving more heads.

d. Display counter

These are generally found in sweet shops, bakery shops, etc. There are two types of display counters: A display counter with a humidity controller and a display counter without a humidity controller. Sweets generally are stored in a display counter without a humidity controller. It serves two purposes: it keeps the sweets fresh as well as helps in showcasing the items stored.  Thus, drives more sale. The display counter with a humidity controller is generally used for storing items like cakes, etc. It prevents the layers of cakes from drying up. This maintains the moisture in cakes and keeps them fresh.

e. Vizi cooler

These are also known as glass freezers. They are used in confectioneries, dairy, etc. They are used to store liquid items, frozen food, etc. Similar to the display counter they also keep the items cool and also helps in showcasing them.

f. Cold Room

They are also called large deep freezers. It is like a complete room. The size can be customized as per the space available to the customer. They are used as cold storage for fruits and vegetables. It can also be to store ready food as well as medicines. If you want to know more differences, you can go through our blog

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